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Display Guidelines

Submissions from all P&D disciplines encouraged: set models, drawings, pop-up books, costumes, props, portfolios, photos, castings, sculptures, etc. Only works that fulfill the guidelines below will be accepted. We are raising the bar on what gets displayed.


  • Display quality = ready to display in a case or include in a publication (newsletter or online)

  • BEST quality work for your grade level

  • Attention to detail

  • Looks finished

  • NO smudges, fingerprints, or other markings that don’t belong on the work

  • Think, “Is this a prime example of the artistry and creativity of this program/conservatory?”

  • Photographed in the best possible manner, paying attention to lighting, background, shooting angle to best show your work

  • Higher resolution 300 dpi (vs low resolution 72 or 96 dpi) jpg or png files

  • Place art against a black background whenever possible

  • Light art from potentially more than one light source so there are no deep, dark shadows on your work

  • Drawings/2D – photographed as perpendicular to the drawing as possible (as if you’re viewing it at eye level on a wall) with no or few shadows on your work


Below are examples of Do and Don’t:


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