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Expectations & Rules

ALL students are expected to fully participate and produce the best work possible in classes and in shows. Accountability and timeliness are paramount.

Early is on time. On time is late. Late is unacceptable.

Do what you say you're gonna do.

Conservatory Rules

  • All School rules and regulations are always in force in all conservatory classes, activities or productions.

  • Block 8 - 2:15 to 3:25 pm

  • Block 9 - 3:35 to 4:45 pm

  • You will be respectful and follow the directions from all school administration, teachers and staff members at all times.

  • Treat fellow students, crew and cast members with respect at all times.

  • Interfering with fellow students’ right to learn is not tolerated.

  • Be prepared for all classes, conservatory and academic with the necessary materials.

  • Follow each instructor’s classroom rules no matter if they are different from other teachers.

  • Dress in appropriate clothing and footwear for each class and production assignment. (Sandals/open toe shoes are never permitted; no sunglasses in class.)

  • Multi-tools and pocket knives are “tools” that may only be used during conservatory. They must be stored in your conservatory classrooms only! Speak to conservatory teachers about where you can store these tools. They are not to be carried or out at any other times.

  • Clean-up after yourselves in all classes and crew assignments.

  • Check the P&D call board, Aeries emails, social media (Facebook, Instagram), and/or this P&D webpage for updated information and announcements.

  • No food is allowed in any of the classrooms and theaters, including backstage or FOH control areas.

  • Show blacks are required for all crew assignments from final dress rehearsal to the last performance.

  • Check out with the stage manager and/or staff supervisor before leaving any crew assignment or activity. 

Class Rules

  1. Be prepared for class.

  2. Interact in a respectful manner with fellow students and teacher.

  3. Add constructive comments and thoughts to classroom discussions or activities.

  4. Help other students and teacher daily in classroom activities.

  5. Have necessary materials to take notes or work on during classroom activities and assignments. (notebook, paper, pencil, crescent wrench and class handouts)

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